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The 16 Essential Regional Burger Styles in America

Much the same as the United States Constitution, a burger implies distinctive things to diverse individuals relying upon which state you're in. To wit, since the innovation of the "burger sandwich" in Connecticut in the late 1800s, people everywhere on this extraordinary country have tried better approaches to flame broil some meat and stick it on a bun, and today there are the same number of local burger styles as there are things to put on a burger (read: boundless).
These are the 16 key territorial American burger varietals. On the off chance that there's one we missed, don't dither to let us know about it in the remarks segment. For freedom!

What it is: A burger patty blended with flour and soy supper and browned
Where it originates from: Northeastern Mississippi
The beginning story: Invented by John Weeks in 1917 in Corinth, MS, they used to be called "Weeksburgers" in light of the fact that fella was absolutely into himself. In any case as the style picked up ubiquity in the little NE Mississippi town, the moniker "slugburger" was embraced, a nod to the old slang word for "nickel", which was the shoddy cost of the burgers amid their wartime conception and, later, Depression-period development. The formula was particularly intended to extend add-ins further for those lean-times, and the soy supper extender gives the burgers a delicate inside and crunchy outside.
Where you can get some great ones: White Trolley Cafe (location and illumination) & Slugburger Cafe (location and data)
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What it is: A burger with spread in the patty, on the patty, or on the bun

Where it originates from: Wisconsin
The cause story: Not only a term used to portray a young lady who's smokin' hot all over aside from her burger (hey-o!), "spread burger" is likely the most Wisconsin blending of words ever, and this Wisconsin-region strength style (in all probability created at Solly's Grille, which opened in 1936) uses margarine in practically every emphasis you could envision - individuals absorb the buns it before barbecuing them, drop a gesture of congratulations on the patty while its cooking, or really make the patty WITH BUTTER IN IT.

Where you can get some great ones: Solly's Grille (location and information) & Culver's (location and data)
What it is: A cheeseburger with slight cut pastrami on top
Where it originates from: Utah
The source story: Utah may not be as well known for its pastrami as, say, New York City, however they've made a few genuine strides with it regarding burger development. Salt Lake City specifically has been serving up burgers finished with pastrami, cheddar, and Thousand Island dressing out of its numerous Greek burger joints and restaurants. The pattern was begun by Crown Burgers (which was established in 1978), and spread out like oil in a salty lake from that point.
Where you can get some great ones: Crown Burgers (location and data) & Astro Burgers (location and insight)
What it is: A burger with guacamole/avocado and bacon
Where it originates from: California
The root story: This burger style is covered in puzzle, however was probably an indication of California sending out its society everywhere throughout the nation after the 1970s and 1980s. In many places East of the Mississippi, a "California burger" is a burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion (which now be the standard burger veggie fixings). In any case, closer to the source, a California burger is viewed as any burger with guacamole/avocado and bacon and is consumed customarily by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Presumably on a tank.
Where you can get some great ones: Pretty much anyplace
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