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Two Singers Wowed During the Final Round of Blind Auditions on 'The Voice'

The visually impaired trials are formally finish.
Going into the most recent night of blinds on The Voice, two spots stayed on each one mentor's group, with each celeb wanting to find that dynamite voice lost from their group. This implied four-seat turns were going to be rare, and mentors would be specific.

As we tuned in, a few inquiries swirled in our personalities: Who will the mentors pick? Will the opposition keep on inspiring? What's more will Blake and Adam at last holds hands as they move into the moonlight?

Here's the means by which it worked out.
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Main 2 Performances
Brittany Butler
Singing "The Girl From Ipanema," Brittany Butler charmed the mentors with a snazzy, eccentric version of this Bossa nova hit. While this tune decision wasn't totally characteristic of how she'll take care of business with more current tunes, we knew one thing beyond any doubt: This woman's cool.
In a night that wasn't stick pressed with brilliant or shockingly enrapturing ability, Butler's execution emerged.

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