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Call for registration of all firearms

The license center at the General Police Agency of Mongolia has registered 2,576 firearms nationwide, in the scope of “Firearms Registration - 2014”.
In the scope of the “Firearms Registration - 2014” campaign, the license center at the General Police Agency of Mongolia conducts registration and the issuing of licenses for unregistered firearms belonging to civilians or legal bodies.
In the nationwide campaign, over 100 firearms were issued licenses, 31 firearms licenses were updated with new locations, 92 firearms were seized, 13 firearms dealers were targeted, and 109 unregistered firearms were discovered.
Also, 32 air rifles were counted, 107 violations were uncovered and 45,000 MNT fines were imposed, and 2,467 notices and warnings were issued in collaboration with the media.
In Ulaanbaatar, the license center counted 1,035 firearms in the city, issued permits to 20 firearms owners, relocated 14 firearms licenses, discovered four violations and imposed 60,000 MNT fines, issued 1,773 notices, and sent two firearms with unknown origin to the National Institute of Forensic Science.
Civilians and legal bodies who own firearms should pay gun taxes in their district, or to the province tax office in order to register the gun with their district, sum or province`s police department, according to the Firearms Law of Mongolia.
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