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Electrical poles pose danger to Mongolia's falcons

More accidents involving electricity power grids posing electrocution danger to falcons in Mongolia have been reported.
The Government of Mongolia issued Resolution No. 101 on October 20, 2012, naming the Saker Falcon the National Pride Bird of Mongolia. It is said that the Saker Falcon, native to Mongolia, China and India, is an excellent hunter and well adapted to desert climates . The Saker Falcon is a common bird of prey and is exported to countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the UEA and Saudi Arabia. The Government of Mongolia issues permits to falcon catchers with an annual quota to catch and export the bird to these countries. The wild Saker Falcon population is a big concern in Mongolia, but lately electrical poles have cause more falcon deaths than illegal traders.
Last year dozens of Saker Falcons were found dead after being electrocuted at the top of the electrical power grid in Bayankhongor Province.
After the accident, an official from the Ministry of the Environment and Green Development made a statement about building grids that would protect birds from electrocution. But more and more incidents of electrocuted birds at the power grid have been reported.
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