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UB-Baruun Urt road completed

Last Saturday, the opening ceremony of 177.9 kilometers road connecting Undurkhaan (Khenty aimag), Munkhkhaan and Baruun Urt (Sukhbaatar aimag) was held. The opening ceremony was attended by Speaker Z.Enkhbold, MP Terbishdavga, The Deputy Prime Minister, other MPs and officials. The paved road now connects Ulaanbaatar with Baruun Urt, Sukhbaatar aimag, which decreases travel time by half. Speaker Z.Enkhbold said “The Reform Government set goal to build 5400 milometers paved road connecting all aimag centers to Ulaanbaaatar.
In the last two years it succeeded to build 2500 kilometers and great construction work is undergoing. In the last 85 years of road sector of Mongolia managed to connect 6 aimag centers only, but this Government connects 6 aimag centers within 2 years. Soon there will be opening of 263 kilometers paved road connecting Ulaanbaatar to Khuvsgul aimag.” Governor J.Batsuuri also commented that the road will connect Asia Europe through the Bichigt border port. - See more at:
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