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Minister of Foreign Affairs attends security conference in Munich

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, L.Purevsuren, attended the 51st Munich Security Conference (MSC), organized in Munich, Germany.
Many high level representatives and state leaders participated in the conference, including the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Defense of more than 60 countries, and officials of the European Commission and NATO. During the conference, L.Purevsuren attended side-meetings and organized a bilateral meeting with Head of the Meeting Wolfgang Ischinger and representatives of several countries. 

During the last 50 years, the Munich conference has been known as one of the important forums of the international security sector. After the end of the Cold War, the issues discussed at the conference were expanded.  Not only the security of the Euro Atlantic region, but also the security of regional areas, has been discussed, and the number of participants has increased dramatically.
The participation of world leaders, representatives of governments and parliaments, military officials, scientists, researchers, and representatives of media at the conference has become a regular facet of the conference.
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