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Passengers to Russia advised to travel by train

The Citizenship and Migration General Authority of Mongolia has checked and processed a total of 84,296 travelers from 47 countries, and 31,985 vehicles as of February 9, via 19 international, border ports including Buyant-Ukhaa, Zamiin Uud, Altanbulag, Sukhbaatar, Tsagaannuur, Bichigt, Shiveekhuren, Gashuunsukhait, Ulikhan, Tes, Artssuuri, Burgastai, and Khankh.    
Due to the decreasing currency exchange rate of the Russian ruble, decreased prices for products,  and with the celebration of Tsagaan Sar  the number of passengers traveling to Russia via the Altanbulag-Khiagt border has increased dramatically. The rising numbers of travelers have caused delays for citizens crossing the border, and this trouble has not come solely from the Mongolian side, but is also caused by very slow inspections by Russian customs officials. 
The Citizenship and Migration General Authority of Mongolia advises travelers to travel by international trains and buses instead of automobiles, which will save time and help people avoid long inspection procedures.
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