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Officials discuss plans for energy export by 2020

“Ties of the Energy Sector”, a gathering of Northeast Asian experts in energy, began today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Representatives of the energy research and analysis institutions of Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, representatives of Mongolia's state and private enterprises, and 24 scientists from 16 international and private organizations took part in the meeting. During the opening ceremony of the meeting our journalists met with the Deputy Director of Energy U.Purevbaatar and got answers to few questions:
According to information from the officials of the energy sector, Mongolia has suitable energy resources. What percentage does wind energy make up in the nation's energy consumption today?
Wind energy is making only two percent of the total energy consumption. This is a very small amount.
In your opinion, what is can be applied in Mongolia's energy sector from the experiences of the energy sector of Northeast Asia?

At today’s meeting we talked about this issue. We had a discussion about the implementation of the Asian super network project in cooperation with countries in the region a year ago. The purpose of the project was to create sources of renewable energy in the Gobi region.
The energy sector has been working with losses for several years. According to your calculations, how many years will it take for the energy sector to compensate for losses and ensuring the provision of 100 percent of domestic consumption, and afterwards, export energy to foreign countries?
The Parliament has presented a policy document for the energy sector to adhere to. According to this, the issue of exporting energy abroad can be discussed in 2020. Before this, we are planning to conclude a general agreement with China. A memorandum of understanding was established by top ranking officials. Afterwards, during his official visit to China, the Speaker raised the issue of concluding the general agreement. After the final conclusion of the general agreement, we will talk about which energy resources we will export, and the issue of the construction of a power station will be discussed.
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