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2014 income declaration of state officials made public

Income declarations of state officials for 2014 has become transparent to the public.  The National Anti Corruption Center has collected and published declarations. Since 2012, 239 officials have submitted their declarations to the public, and in 2014 the number of officials increased to 244.
It is common knowledge that most of the major Mongolian companies are owned in part or full by Members of Parliament. However, MPs S.Demberel, S.Ganbaatar, G.Bayarsaikhan, ZBayanselenge, L.Tsog, N.Nomtoibaatar, Ya.Sanjmyatav, and Kh.Temuujin do not hold any shares in major commercial interests.   
Ts.Oyungerel was among the MPs without major stake in business, but she took on 30 percent ownership of Coolpro LLC in 2013. From the declaration reports it is clear that many MPs own stake in several companies, with an average of stake in one to five companies. 
From the report comes a list of MPs who own companies with statutory funds equal to 6 billion MNT or more. MP B.Narankhuu, from Dundgobi, owns 27 companies, but the statutory fund of all these companies is only 66.2 million MNT.
MP B.Choijilsuren has 27 companies’ wit statutory funds of 1.5 billion MNT. MP G.Batkhuu owns 21; D.Zorigt 15; Kh.Battulga and D.Terbishdagvaa own 13; S.Byambatsogt 12; O.Sodbileg 11; Symyabazar 10; and M.Enkhbold, R.Amarjargal, Ts. Dashdorj, and D.Gankhuyag own eight companies. Ya.Sodbaatar, D.Bat-Erdene, M.Batchimeg, and L.Erdenechimeg each have six companies.
There are 20 Members of Parliament who own shares valued at more than 1 billion MNT.
This list is headed by G.Batkhuu of APU. His statutory fund is at 72.6 billion MNT. Last year he owned capital of 46.2 billion MNT in 24 companies. Although he dissolved three companies in one year, his capital has increased by 26.4 billion MNT.

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