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Alpinist G.Usukhbayar prepares to conquer Australia's highest peak

The highest peaks on the seven continents are called the “Seven Summits”. To climb these mountains is an honor for mountain climbers and professional alpinists.
Merited sportsman of Mongolia G.Usukhbayar successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 2005, and soon after set a goal to climb the Seven Summits. G.Usukhbayar has since climbed four of the seven peaks and is preparing to climb Australia's highest mountain. 

Before his departure, the merited sportsman of Mongolia visited for a detailed interview. Here are some highlights from the talk with G.Usukhbayar.
Could you tell us about the mountain you are going to climb and when are you planning to start your trip? 
Australia's highest mainland mountain is Mount Kosciuszko. The continent of Australia is surrounded by two big islands. One of which is New Zealand and the other is Guinea. Puncak Jaya of New Guinea is included in the Seven Summits, however, the highest peak in Australia is Kosciuszko. The preparation for climbing this mountain has been completed.
I am planning to depart on April 16. The highlight of this mountain among the Seven Summits is that it is not only climbed by professional climbers. Ordinary people can climb this mountain. Therefore, I am planning to climb with students and Mongolians who are living and studying in Australia.
How many people are supposed to climb the mountain? How long will it take?
We have made a general plan. Mountain climbing depends on natural conditions, so it is impossible to make exact plans. According to the latest information, there are almost 100 people who are hoping to climb this peak. This is the security of many people, so we need to consider several facts, such as weather conditions and more. Upon arrival in Sydney, we need to go more than 400 kilometers by car to reach the mountain. Upon arrival, we will build our camp and then start climbing. Although in comparison with others, Kosciuszko is not so high, we need to be well prepared.
How are you coordinating  and organizing expenses?
The Ministry of Health and Sport is funding us in some part. Tavan Tolgoi LLC, with the support of General Director R.Sengdorj, is also supporting us. Friends from the place where I was born and a lot of other people are supporting and funding us.   
How much money will be spent for this climb?  
Five thousand USD. This includes travel expenses, climbing tools, and first priority things. Frankly speaking, these expenses are not so high. These expenses will be enough for eating noodles, that’s it. Presently, the economic condition of Mongolia is not so good. We haven’t opportunities to get more than this. We will depart after three days, and now have 500 USD in our pockets, but I think everything will be all right. 
What are the expenses for climbing the remaining two peaks?
The expenses for climbing in the South Pole are quite high, approximately 50,000 USD.  South America is less, approximately 10,000 USD.
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