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Capital city bonds will be issued for three provinces

According to the debt management law, province administrators now have the authority to issue bonds on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. In the first stage of applying these changes to the law, it has been agreed that bonds will be traded for Sukhbaatar, Umnugobi, and Orkhon provinces.
As reported by the Director of the Mongolian Stock Exchange, S.Angar, in order to boost further economic development, it is necessary to improve the activity of the Mongolian Stock Exchange. The development of stock exchange is seen as necessary for supporting Ulaanbaatar's role as the financial center of Mongolia.
The Mongolian Stock Exchange operates with only slight earnings in comparison to other international stock exchange markets, since the trading is primarily of government shares.
As of the end of the 1st quarter of this year, the Mongolian Stock Exchange saw total earnings of 100 million MNT.
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