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“Coal Mongolia-2015” Conference seeking investment & solutions for the development of coal sector

Representatives of the coal sector are exploring solutions to decrease the cost of transporting coal and exporting energy in order to increase Mongolia’s competitiveness of coal sector internationally.

With reserves estimated at 170 billion tons of coal it is possible for Mongolia to produce and export energy to other countries.

Participants of the Coal Mongolia-2015 conference all agree on one point that solving the investment issues first then research solutions to insulate against political and commercial risks.

Mongolia is one of the top ranking countries with regards to the volume of coal in its reserves. However factors such as high transportation and logistics make it difficult for Mongolia to compete in international markets. Each year these issues are discussed at the Coal Mongolia conference, however until today we’ve yet to reach a solution.  Last year the Parliament changed the policy regarding the railway sector. These changes will have direct positive impacts on the coal sector.

 However the number of participants has decreased this year.  Currently there are over 100 representatives from the US, Russia, China, Canada, Australia, Japan and India participating in addition to the Government of Mongolia, exploration companies, investment funds, banking and financial institutions.

Participants will discuss various methods for improving coal exploration of coal, exporting, and reducing environmental damage resulting from coal production. In addition to discussing creating value added products and attracting investment to the coal production sector. Environmentally friendly technologies, developing mutually beneficial international partnerships in developing the Mongolian coal sector are being discussed.

The conference continues tomorrow where the 2nd day’s topic will be “The Mongolian Energy Sector”.
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