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Domestic Producers Forecast 38 Billion MNT in Foreign Trade

A joint cooperation between the Ministry of Industry, Center for the Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and the Mongolian Chamber has been announced the project named “Mongol Jinchin” aims to advertise and promote domestically produced brand named products internationally.
Implementation of this project has commenced under Royal Resources Mongolia LLC, professional company holding foreign trade activity.
Initially, approximately 100 enterprises which are producing non mining products will be involved with this project. On the 10th of April at the Chinggis Khan Hotel an information session for domestic producers regarding the implementation of the project will be organized.
It is estimated that during 2015/2016 as result of this project, trade equal to 38 billion MNT will be generated. In addition this project will contribute 466 million MNT in taxes to the State Budget.
The project also plans to open trade centers in China, Russia, Japan, Europe and North America.
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