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Draft on measures for pending 2014 development goals not yet approved

In the afternoon session of Parliament, a draft resolution on measures to be taken for the implementation of 2014's main directions for the social and economic development of Mongolia failed to gain a majority vote for approval, and will be sent back to standing committee discussion.
After questions from Members of Parliament and proposals delivered on the draft, votes were taken. Without a majority vote from Members of Parliament the draft must undergo further review and changes by the standing committee that submitted the draft for consideration today. 
During the discussion of the draft, MP E.Otgonbayar said, "We would like to change the main directions within the spring session. 
"Today we have cut the budget due to the economic crisis. When we ask ministers what happened with projects indicated in the main directions [for development], they explain that they didn't have finances for their work, that the budget had been cut.  Members of Parliament have maintained the proposal to cut projects and measures for which they couldn’t allocate financing from the budget."
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