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Farmers started receiving 50 percent of fuel costs in advance

Vice Minister of Food and Agriculture B.Batzorig and Head of Agriculture Policy Implementation Ts.Bolorchuluun with delegation is on working visit to Bulgan aimag. Bulgan aimag is the third with its crop farming in the country with 119.0 thousand hectares of farming land with vast opportunities to develop farming lands with irrigation system. Farmers have reported that due to the start of the cultivation in just few days the main issue faced is the lack of high quality grain supply and its financing. Farmers have supplied the wheat to the flour mills without any advance payments and are having accounts receivable worth over MNT 2 billion and asks the higher level officials to clarify the provisions of wheat price, sales and quality issues in the State Policy towards Agriculture. Bulgan aimag farmers have also introduced their Agriculture Development Program 2015-2025, which is based on the specifics of the region. Vice Minister have reported that 50 percent of fuel, 30 percent of fertilizers and 20 percent of grain have started to be issued in advance.
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