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National Anti Corruption Center should stop unlawful detention

The Speaker of Parliament, Z.Enkhbold, received Deputy Director of the National Anti Corruption Center Ts.Nyamdorj to discuss several cases involving the National Anti Corruption Center for the direct repression and detention of people. 
The Speaker pointed out that the National Anti Corruption Center is using Article 68 of the Law of Criminal Procedure instead of using clauses 65 and 67 when detaining people in cases under investigation.
According to Clauses 65 and 67 it is possible to use asset pledges or guarantees instead of detention, and the Speaker reminded Ts.Nyamdorj that there are legal actions stipulating external investigations.
The Speaker said that there is a need to implement newly approved laws and to end the unlawful method of detaining people, and to pursue new approaches to carrying out the law. 
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