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SMEs gather to share products and strengthen development

National producers displayed their products during the organization of the “National Symposium of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” which was put together by the Ministry of Industry and the ministry sub-committee responsible for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Mergen Tour exhibited the wide range of products it produces from leather, including bags and wallets. Next month they are planning to export their products to Japan.  Other domestic companies shared cosmetic goods using Mongolian traditional rock salt, sea buckthorn, and beeswax.  
Representatives from cashmere and food production companies also displayed their products.
One of the important issues raised during the symposium by domestic producers was the protection of domestically produced products from competition against imported products. They called for state policy to clearly address the challenge. The participants also raised a proposal suggesting that age should not be considered a factor in the issuing of micro loans.
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