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Tavan Tolgoi Law is being introduced to Parliament

There are many expectations in Mongolia about when the Tavan Tolgoi project will be introduced by the Government of Mongolia for the approval by the Parliament. It is widely believed that the Tavan Tolgoi project will be reviewed by Parliament this week.   
According to sources, last Friday the Government of Mongolia presented a complete set of documents to be introduced to Parliament.
Minister of Mongolia, M.Enkhsaikhan said, “If this issue is discussed by Parliament, we need to think about the companies registered on the Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong stock markets."In order to protect the rights of shareholders of these companies, it is improper to disclose any agreement which is not signed. This is a requirement of the stock exchange markets."
Minister M. Enkhsaikhan added, “We believe that Members of Parliament, as politicians, will be very careful.”
We spoke to the Advisor to the Prime Minister, Ts.Munkhtur, regarding the introduction of the Tavan Tolgoi project agreement to Parliament.  
-Could you tell us whether the Tavan Tolgoi project is being officially presented to Parliament?
-The answer is yes. We have officially presented the Tavan Togloi project agreement to the Parliament. The documents are now being legislated.  Also, we have decided on the issue of registration of shares in Tavan Tolgoi for Mongolian citizens and the certification of these shares.
-Will the Oyu Tolgoi credence agreement be concluded?
-This is a highly confidential issue and it is being discussed during closed sessions, so I cannot answer that question.  
-The Prime Minister of Mongolia didn't make a statement on Friday about these two issues being related.
-The Prime Minister’s health is not so good, so he didn't make a statement on that day.
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