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Ts.Elbegdorj: Good opportunities to cooperate with Hungary are open now

Following talks with President of Hungary, Mongolia has a wide range of possibilities to cooperate with Hungary in agriculture, the environment, and education.

Following official discussions, President of Mongolia Ts. Elbegdorj and the President of Hungary made a joint statement for foreign and domestic media, magazines, and journalists.  

In his statement made to the media, President Ts. Elbegdorj stated:

Distinguished Ladies and Gentleman,

First of all, let me greet you.

The president of Hungary H.E. Janos Ader and his wife, Anita Herczegh, are paying an official visit to Mongolia from April 14 to 16, at my invitation.

The visit of the Hungarian President is the first presidential visit in 21 years and the highlight of this visit is that it has been paid on the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Hungary.

I paid an official visit to Hungary in October 2014. I am very glad that the issues which were discussed during my visit are continuing to be implemented successfully.    We have a common field of cooperation with Hungary. As you know, Mongolia has cooperated with Hungary in the agricultural sector and we have established the Bio Combinat factory. The renovation of Bio Combinat with Hungary will be implemented in the near future. This is very good news.  If we can do this, we can cooperate with Hungary in the field of agricultural products in the Asian and European markets.  

Mongolia has possibilities to cooperate in the environmental sector. For instance, we can cooperate with Hungary in the field of water resources and the planting of trees. Moreover, we have possibilities to cooperate with Hungary in the educational sector. We have experience with cooperation in this field before.

Today the possibility to send our talented students to study on scholarships to Hungary is open. According to the scholarship agreement, 15 Mongolian students are being sent to Hungary, but it has now been decided to increase this number to 100.

There are a lot of advanced, progressive achievements in the technological sector in Hungary. We have discussed this issue during the meeting with the President of Hungary.

During his visit to Mongolia, H.E the President of Hungary, Janos Ader, will meet with the Speaker of Parliament of Mongolia and the Prime Minister of Mongolia and discussions at the bilateral level will be held.    

I would like to wish success for the visit to Mongolia by H.E the President of Hungary, Janos Ader, and his wife, Anita Herczegh, and other related officials.
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