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The 57th Venice Biennale opened in Venice, Italy on May 13. The exhibition will be open until November 26.
Mongolia has set a up a pavilion titled “Lost in Tngri” (Lost in Heaven) at this year’s event. More than 4,000 visitors attended the grand opening of Venice Biennale 2017 international art exhibition.

“Lost in Tngri” is an exhibition by five Mongolian artists: Ch.Chimeddorj, O.Enkhtaivan, J.Bolortuvshin, G.Munkhboldor and Ts.Davaajargal. It is about the frailty of human nature and its effect upon society and the environment.
Curator Yo.Dalkh-Ochir and project director B.Gantuya gave background lectures introducing Mongolian art history and the current state of contemporary art in Mongolia as a background for their curatorial concept for the pavilion.
The organizers describe the exhibition as an exploration of the issues Mongolia is facing today. The context for the exhibition reads, “The Mongolia is at a crossroads between its identity as a nomadic nation, with an important history of Shamanism and Buddhism, and a new economic reality of globalization where the use of natural resources threatens its very existence. Traditions of herding across vast and beautiful terrains with a life connected to nature, ancestry and the spiritual world are seen as heaven by many. Economic opportunity, created following the collapse of the socialist system in 1990, has opened the door to another type of heaven. Mining, construction, cashmere and other businesses have boomed, creating wealth through the exploitation of the lands of their ancestors. But is the country disappearing between these two biospheres?”
Artists O.Enkhtaivan and J.Bolortuvshin will be presenting video works, while Ch.Chimeddorj and G.Munkhbolor showcases their sculptural installations.
Ts.Davaajargal is presenting a series of haunting sound installations that bring together sounds from nature and traditional and electronic music.
This is the second time Mongolian artists are taking part in the Venice Biennale.
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