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Mongolian actor cast as Romeo in the USA

The following is an interview with Zana Gankhuyag by Unuudur. 
Please tell us about yourself to our readers. Why did you decide to become an actor?
My name is Zanabazar Gankhuyag. I have been in the USA since 2002 with my family. My mother is an eye doctor, and my father is well-known artist N.Gankhuyag. He makes tsam dance masks and costumes. My father participates in art events to promote Mongolia, and he organizes tsam mask exhibitions.
I used to study at a Mongolian school in Washington, D.C. every Saturday to not forget my mother tongue and culture. Dancer of the Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet Purevjav used to teach dance at my school. My father forced me to learn how to dance at first. But I fell in love with dancing and stage arts.  After that dance class, students of the school participated in events held in France, Germany, Belgium and Sweden and promoted Mongolia. At that time, I decided to become an actor. Then I entered the theater class of the school.

How did you enter Synetic Theater?
Synetic Theater selected artists from local schools. I also trained in taekwondo and Mongolian traditional dance. I think that influenced me to become an actor at Synetic Theater. Initially, I played Mercutio in a “Romeo and Juliet” play staged by Synetic Theater. After that, the head of Synetic Theater called me and offered me a job. I didn’t believe it myself.
I worked as a supporting actor for a year at Synetic Theater. I was studying in high school at the time. Synetic Theater gave me a wonderful opportunity.
Do you have to try harder than other American artists at Synetic Theater because you are Asian? 
Every artist has to try hard. It is difficult to be selected as a protagonist. It doesn’t matter if you are Asian or of other ethnic background. On the other hand, art is a business. So the theater has to choose talented artists to attract audiences.
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