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Mongolian top model speaks about Fashion Forward Dubai 2016 experience

Mongolian top model Kh.Badamgerel represented Mongolia on the stage of Fashion Forward Dubai, which was held the United Arab Emirates from March 31 to April 3. Below is a brief interview with Kh.Badamgerel. 
Congratulations on taking part in one of the biggest fashion shows of the world, Fashion Forward Dubai 2016. You are the first Mongolian to walk on the stage of Fashion Forward Dubai. How do you feel?
I spent a wonderful time in Dubai. I participated in one of the biggest fashion show of the world and represented my country. Models from Europe usually participate in this show. I am the only model that took part in this show from Asia.

The European fashion world has a high criteria. Did you feel nervous?
No, I didn’t. I am proud of my profession, and I was thinking about my home country while I was walking on the catwalk. I feel lots of things from life, but I receive the most amazing feeling from the catwalk. I am always happy that I get to wear fabulous designs of talented designers and show them to an audience. This fashion show was well organized. That is why I didn’t feel nervous.
You wore renowned designer Amato’s designs during the fashion show. Did he choose you to wear his designs?
Designer Amato is known for his natural ability to craft extravagant and artistic designs. He has been participating in Fashion Forward Dubai for four years. I am very happy that I wore his designs.
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